About us

The Ultra Leadership is a boutique consultancy firm and business development agency for high-potential companies and high performing executives.

We are a full-service advisory that sets, plans and executes business goals. We grow and connect companies, entrepreneurs and C-level executives with clients, partners and investors, through our integrated, personalized and unique system and network.

The Ultra Leadership firm was founded in 2015 by Ms. Ashmoret (Ash) Mishal, and is specializing in methods she has created that use science-based goals achievement skills, known as the Ultra Leadership Method (ULM).

She has worked with over 20 projects including EquityZen, Mantis VC, Tomcar, Merida Capital Partners, Cypress Capital Group, Montreux Growth Partners, BiScience, Buttonwood Network, KiwiTech, LVH Global, Align Ventures, Sarona Ventures and 365x, Youplus, Or Movement, Fatal Hotels, Cyberark, Bwell, IDF, Israeli Police, Collman College, Organized Trip and more.

Mishal is also a corporate speaker, business coach and a published author of the book “Ultra Success: 12 Steps to Power Performance” (2017). Her groundbreaking approach and research have been featured in the world's leading media outlets, including Good Day New York, ThePostGame, Jerusalem Report, Grit Daily, EPN, Ynet, Keshet, Xnet, Udemy and more.